Official Membership Rewards Guide

We will inform you about the official membership rewards.

Among users using Rhythm Hive, after joining LE SSERAFIM GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB FEARNOT MEMBERSHIP, if you link your Weverse account, you will get below rewards.


Once per month


A special gift will be issued once when linking your account that is subscribed to LE SSERAFIM GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB FEARNOT MEMBERSHIP (hereinafter referred to as membership) per a month


Royal Music Card Pack (1 ticket)
+ 2,000 Golds


  1. You will receive Royal Music Card Pack (1 ticket) + 2,000 Golds if you are a Membership holder.
  2. The above benefits are issued multiple times even when you have joined the Membership of various artists.
  3. Membership reward is issued once for the first time upon login based on membership registration at the time of access.
  4. Rewards will be issued only if the Weverse account with Membership is linked.
  5. If you signed up for Weverse with the SNS Login function, please follow the steps below to link the account.
  • Sign up Weverse.
  • Enter the registered ID/PW and log in to the Weverse app
  • [Settings] in the upper right - [Connect Accounts].
  • linking with an already registered simple login social (Google, Twitter, APPLE) account
  • Run the Rhythm Hive and try to link with Weverse account
  • ② If you enter ID/PW, Rhythm Hive account linking is completed.
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